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 About the Hammonton Environmental Commission

The Hammonton Environmental Commission was established in 1975. In addition to its primary role in advising the Town’s Land Use body, the Commission’s role is to promote the conservation and development of the environmental quality of the Town of Hammonton. It also functions as the Town’s Shade Tree Commission, and maintains jurisdiction over the town’s significant trees.

See the ordinance establishing the Commission here:

2021 Commission Members:

Dan Bachalis, Chair

Terri Caruso-Cafiso, Vice-Chair

Michael Hozik, PhD.

Martha Matro

Amy Menzel

Alicia Murphy

Charles Crowley, Alternate

Steven Carr, Alternate

Luis Antonio Diaz Campos

Environmental Commission – 2nd Wednesday – 7:00 PM

Tree-Removal-Application-Permit.pdf Fillable


Please direct any questions or comments to with “Environmental Commission” as your subject line.  Thank you

Meeting Minutes & Agendas


Environmental Commission Minutes March 2020

Environmental Commission Minutes February 2020

Environmental Commission Minutes January 2020

Environmental Commission Minutes February 2019

Environmental Commission Minutes April 2019

Environmental Commission Minutes May 2019

Environmental Commission Minutes June 2019

Environmental Commission Minutes July 2019

Environmental Commission Minutes August 2019

Environmental Commission Minutes September 2019

May 2018 Minutes

Environmental Meeting of April 11 2018

Environmental Meeting of March 14, 2018


Name Date
Environmental Minutes September 13th 2017
EC Meeting Minutes+Agenda 3/2017
EC Meeting Minutes 2/2017
EC Meeting Agenda 2/2017
EC Meeting Minutes+Agenda 1/11/2017
EC Meeting Minutes+Agenda 1/2017
EC Meeting Minutes  6/16
EC Meeting Minutes 4/16
EC Meeting Minutes 3/16
EC Meeting Minutes 2/16
EC Meeting Minutes 1/16
EC Meeting Minutes 12/15
EC Meeting Minutes 11/15
EC Meeting Minutes 3/15
EC Meeting Minutes 2/15
EC Meeting Minutes 12/10/2014
EC Meeting Minutes 11/12/2014
EC Meeting Minutes 10/8/2014
EC Meeting Agenda 10/8/2014
EC Meeting Minutes 09/10/2014
EC Meeting Agenda 09/10/2014
EC Meeting Minutes 08/13/2014
EC Meeting Minutes 03/11/2014
EC Meeting Minutes 01/14/2014