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About the HLWQAC

The Hammonton Lake Water Quality Advisory Committee was established in 2007, following years of concern about the quality of the waters of what is considered the “Jewel of Hammonton”. Many residents recalled swimming in Hammonton Lake all through their childhood, and the cessation of swimming in the years immediately prior to the Committee’s creation gave rise to alarm that the Lake had become too polluted, and posed a threat to the health of area residents. Since then, the Committee has worked to identify and eliminate potential sources of pollution in the Lake, and is addressing ways to improve the overall health of the surrounding environment. It is guided primarily by its Hammonton Lake management Plan, most recently updated in 2018.

See the ordinance establishing the Committee here:

Follow the link elsewhere on this page for the Lake Management Plan.

2021 Committee Members:

Dan Bachalis, Chair

John Keenan

Robert Roesch

Dwight Baldwin

John Scianni

Bill Parkhurst

Paul Galletta

Shawn McCloud

Tracy Petrongolo

Lynnee LoCicero

Gordon Pherribo, alternate


Please direct any questions or comments to with “Lake Quality Committee” as your subject line.  Thank You

LAKE MGT PLAN 2018 2023

Hammonton Lake Water Quality Survey

Hammonton Resident 2015 Survey Revised

Please complete the survey document and email it to: Also the completed printed form can be returned to the Lake Water Quality Committee/Environmental Commission mailbox at Town Hall on the 3rd floor or bring it to the public forum on Nov. 10th.


HLWQAC Mission Statement

Meeting Minutes & Agenda’s


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