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“We steam rapidly on to Hammonton, about thirty miles from Philadelphia (half way on the route) and the liveliest looking town on this part of the road.”

— Walt Whitman – Camden Daily Post – January 29, 1879


There’s something about the town of Hammonton. It’s a real community, where people come together to share so much: family, friends, work and faith. Hammonton is a place where three – and sometimes four – generations of the same family call home, evidence of the lure of this great town.

On any street, you’ll see immaculately kept homes and businesses that show our local homeowners’ pride. Hammonton’s business community is solid, thriving and expanding. Two local school districts, one public and one private, are the jewels of the town.

From the shores of the Hammonton Lake, to the wide-open fields of our local agricultural community, to the pine and oak forests that make up the northern section of our town, Hammonton is a place of great natural beauty.

Now, united under the banner of a new town flag, Hammontonians are coming together as never before to create a 21st century Hammonton that brings the best of the past together with the new ideas of tomorrow.

Longtime residents, new arrivals and local citizens of all ages are changing our town for the better. The future looks bright for Hammonton, and it’s right around the corner.