Here is a list of the roadways, check below to see where you fall for services:


Monday Routes

12th St. (Egg Harbor Rd to town line south), 15th St., Chew Rd (from 11th St to 15th St), 1st Rd (from 11th St to 15th St.), 2nd Rd.(10th –15th), Railroad Ave., Washington, West End, Messina, Grand St., Anderson Ave., Wilbur, Jacobs, Orchard St., (from Railroad to 1st Rd.), Madison, Monroe, Woodman, Front St., Lincoln, Passmore, Line, Price Bernshouse, Rocco Dr., Pleasant St. (from 1st St to Railroad Ave.), Kay Dr., Somerby, Sherry Lane, Wilbur Ave.


Tuesday Routes

North Egg Harbor Rd. (from Orchard to town line west.), 3rd St (Bellevue to Camden County line), 2nd St (Bellevue to Fairview) Fairview, Bellevue (from 3rd to Elvins), Ranere, Old Forks Rd., Francis, Walnut, North, Fourth, Woods, Colwell, Elm, Cottage, Pratt, Virginia, Linda, Elvins, Liberty (from Fairview to Bellevue), Carriage Way, Rail Way, French St., W. Pleasant St., Girard Lane, Fourth St., N. Packard St., Carriage Way, Blueberry Traditions area


Wednesday Routes

White Horse Pike, Oak, Basin, Pine, Myrtle, Union, Columbia, Middle Rd, Laurel, Plymouth, Main, Dogwood, Bridge, Pleasant Mills Rd., Gatto, Amanda Lane, Seagrove, Boyer, Moss Mill, Route 206 (from Route 30 to town line) Lakeview Dr., Lakeshore dr., East Lane, West Lane, Fernwood, Kings, Queens, Popular, Holly, Moss View, Mill Run, Moss Mill Rd.,


Thursday Routes

Peach (from Central to Liberty), Grape (from Central to Liberty), Allen, Greenwood, Broadway, Winding Way, Cedar Court, Forrest, Golf, Valley, Liberty (from Bellevue to Broadway), Marlyn Ave, Woodlawn, Berwyn, Brynmawr, Campanella Dr., Wayne, 1st Rd. (from 11th St to Weymouth), Chew (from 11th St to 10th St), 2nd Rd (from 11th St to 7th St), Oakwood Dr., Giordano Lane, Golden Eagle Drive, Service Road, Weymouth (from Egg Harbor Rd to 7th St), Reading Ave, Birch Dr., Magnolia Lane, Maxwell Dr., S. Packard St.


Friday Routes

Central, Vine, 2nd (Bellevue to Cherry), Cherry, Pressey, Maple, Walmer, Locust, Chestnut, Park, Samuel Dr., Egg Harbor Rd (from Bellevue to Weymouth), 3rd St (from Peach to Chestnut), Bachelor Lane, Whispering Pines, Harbor Woods, Fairview Condos, Lanoir Condos, Samuel Drive.



Garbage Curbside Removal Schedule:

Trash Schedule – Monday – Friday – Holidays will be posted in local paper and on Town’s TV Channel, Access Hammonton.

Town issues trash Toter must be out before 6:00 AM and place in town issued Toter only. Toter must be within 5 feet of any obstacle (mailboxes, poles, cars, and recycle buckets, brush or bulk items) and will be picked up on your scheduled trash collection day. Please have cans removed from curb by 12:00 Noon the following day.

Town issued trash Toters are registered to the resident home property; they are not to be removed from the residence. The Toter MUST stay on location, for this is town property.