Town of Hammonton • Legal Notice • Aquatic Herbicide Application for Hammonton Lake • June 2024
Public Notice to inform all residents of the following lake and surrounding areas that aquatic herbicide applications may take place between June 18, 2024 and July 18, 2024 depending on weed growth and various limnological conditions. Hammonton Lake: Applications of one or more of the following herbicides/algaecides: Tribune (diquat dibromide) work will be conducted by boat with herbicide application spray equipment by Lake Management Sciences, Inc. PO Box 2395 Branchville, N.J. 07826 registration number 91726B. For information contact Chris Hanlon (973) 948-0107.
NJ Poison Info & Education System Phone 800-222-1222. National Pesticide Info Center 800-858-7378. NJPCP 609-984-6507: This number for pesticide regulation information, pesticide complaints and health referrals. Upon request, pesticide applicator or applicator business shall provide a resident with notification of at least 12 hours prior to application except quarantine and disease vector control only, when conditions necessitate pesticide applications sooner than that time.